Wow! What an awesome weekend.  I had the privilage of meeting Dr Bill Dorfman of Extreme Make-over this weekend.
I attended a course on cosmetic dentistry which was held by Dr Dorfman.  It is great to know that dentistry in South Africa compares well with our American colleagues. Dr Dorfman is known as the ‘Best Cosmetic Dentist in LA’ and is the dentist to many Celebrities and Movie stars.

In ABC ‘s Extreme Make-over he transformed many smiles with Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening and Composite Bonding techniques. To learn more about these procedures please subscribe to my FREE REPORT on COSMETIC DENTISTRY.
We as dentists today are using these exact procedures  on a daily basis and to view some of the results please see the Photo Gallery.

Meeting Dr Dorfman

Meeting Dr Dorfman

Here is a picture of me and Dr. Dorfman at the Conference.

I met him and his lovely 2 children(twins). He always try to take his whole family with him.

The course was packed with graphical footage of his true day to day patients. He shared some of his remakable tips and techniques and I am so happy to have someone like him helping me creating the best possible smiles!

Dentistry is one of the greatest professions ever and I am so blessed to be a part of it!  Gone are the days of fear, nerves and an industry where people don’t like going to the dentist.
Instead TODAY you can look forward to:

    – looking younger
    – getting a new SMILE from cosmetic dentistry
    – getting your teeth whitened
    – and finally to get the CONFIDENCE that will change
      your life

Smile with confidence!
Dr Francois Burger   

To learn more about Dr Bill Dorfman see the video below.

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