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Tuesday October 17, 2017

Customized Option


Customized Option

This customized "Take-Home-System" is so effective, because everything about it is customized.  That means it is tailor-made for you, your smile and your lifestyle!

The 2-Step process


Appointment:  Impressions are taken of your teeth.  This allows us to make a custom-fit gel holding appliance called a whitening tray


Appointment:  You will receive your whitening trays and a complete kit with detailed instructions to start whitening your teeth straight away

Day White®

R1 800


The whitening is done by yourself in the comfort of your own home! The detailed instructions makes it easy to use.
Custom fabricated tray whitening are still the "Gold Standard" in teeth whitening world wide.  This means that it is easy, safe, reliable and a true longterm investment as you get to keep the trays for re-use later in life!  You are always in full control of the procedure and can determine how white and bright you want your teeth to be.

The length of the treatment can be anywhere from 7 - 21 days, depending on the starting shade and methods of use.  For the best results we recommend that you have an examination and a teeth cleaning session before you start the whitening treatment.


To start whitening your teeth, make an appointment today  

NEW:  You can now get this system for only R999!  Click below:



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