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Friday September 22, 2017






Since the day our first tooth came in, dental plaque gets a stronghold in our mouths and attach to the tooth structure. From here on we fight a constant battle to remove and keep this BIOFILM(Dental plaque and their excretions) away from our teeth. Failure to constantly remove this BIOFILM on a consistent basis leads to breakdown of tooth structure and tooth decay.
Restorations like DENTAL CROWNS, DENTAL  BRIDGES , DENTAL VENEERS and DENTAL FILLINGS rely on sound healthy tooth structure to last and remain intact. Placing these restorations in a mouth where regular maintenance is not adequite will lead to early failure as the BIOFILM will destroy the basis that keeps these restorations intact.



Restorations like anything in life have a lifespan and proper maintenance will ensure the maximum life out of your dentistry. Failure to properly maintain good oral hygiene will result in drastically shortening the lifespan of these restorations to as little as 1 - 2 years!
  Failed dental filling
Failed old filling



Maintenance is the day to day cleaning and looking after of your teeth and gums. Maintenance takes place at the home and your dental office.  

1) At home

Daily cleaning of teeth and restorations is essential with the necessary tools and knowledge. Tools include the following:

teeth brushing

   1.  Toothbrush :  to clean all reachable and visible areas (the same as brushing
                                 the dirt of your car)
   2.  Dental floss:   to clean unreachable areas between teeth and under the gum
                                 ( +- 3 mm) (People that develop gum disease do not floss)
   3.  Mouth rinse :  Chemically clean and kill bacteria
   4.  Special tools:  Helps to clean in some hard to reach places like under some dental bridges

  For a detailed video on how to brush and floss click here.


2) At the dental office

Early signs of leakage or decay can easily be picked up by your dentist with a clinical check or x-rays.
6 monthly Oral Hygiene sessions are also essential for proper oral health.
dental visit

A) At the dentist:
   The dentist will clinically check each tooth and restoration for tooth decay and leakage.

B) At the Oral Hygienist:
    The hygienist will remove tartar and surface stains to ensure a smooth surface so dental plaque will not adhere easily.

How to book this?
Make your 6 monthly dental cavity check together with your Oral Hygiene session.




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