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Friday September 22, 2017

New Patient Offer


New Patient Offer


 Especially for You!

Dear Friend,

We know that choosing a dentist is not always the easiest thing to do. Many people end up with the wrong dentist for their specific needs and this could have a negative impact on their dental health and finances.  For a detailed report on how then to choose the right dentist for your needs, click here to recieve your FREE copy now! 

To make your decision easier we offer R50 off your first visit to us so that you can test us out, experience our team and allow us to make your dental experience one that you are comfortable with and one that you can trust.



New Patient Offer:

If you need to see a dentist right away we offer a Detailed Exam, X-ray and complimentary Consultation for just R400 or R50 off whatever treatment you receive.  To qualify just sign up on the homepage or click here. 
( A special link in the welcome message will direct you to qualify.)

For our list of payment options see our 'reasons to choose us' 

Call us now to schedule an appointment  + 27 (0)21-557-3427





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