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Friday September 22, 2017

Oral Hygiene


Oral Hygiene


Improve Your Oral Hygiene Today!





Oral Hygiene



The Oral Hygienist can be compared to your own personal trainer on your quest to keep your teeth cavity free. She will evaluate the plaque-status of your teeth on a regular basis and has your permission to reprimand you on poor oral hygiene habits in order to achieve your goals. It is impossible for you to know whether the 30 seconds or 3 minutes you spend each morning cleaning your teeth, is sufficient or not!   You will need some form of feedback and this is exactly what happens during your visit. Remember that you only have one set of adult teeth and insufficient cleaning and bad habits can easily cost you lots of money, and even more, your smile!

Bad Oral Hygiene can 
cost you lots of money 
and even your smile




Every 6 months is the frequency for most patients, but some need to come for more regular sessions depending on their caries risk. Six months is the time period that a new cavity will form under insufficient oral hygiene conditions. 

Vist the oral hygienist
every 6 months




  1. Plaque Index
  2. Scaling & Polish 
  3. Fissure Sealants 
  4. Fluoride Treatments
  5. Home Care


1)  Plaque Index

The Oral Hygienist will first take your plaque index to see how much plaque is present on your teeth. This will give her an indication of how effective your cleaning routine is in removing plaque from your teeth on a daily basis. The plaque index gives the percentage of tooth surface covered in plaque.


2)  Scaling & Polish

All plaque will now be removed during this cleaning session and you can be sure to start fresh with a zero % plaque index. All surface staining and calculus (hard deposits) are removed from the teeth, leaving them smooth and sparkling white. 
Scale & Polish


3)  Fissure Sealants

If you are a medium or high-risk patient, all the back teeth will be sealed to prevent future cavity formation. This will also prevent re-infection from these sealed areas after all the plaque is removed (Scaling & Polish) or after a STOP GETTING CAVITIES PROGRAM (coming soon)

No Sealant
With Sealant


To learn more about Fissure Sealants see DENTAL INFO   231072_a_green_applecrop_120

Watch a video to see why Extreme makeover dentist Dr Bill Dorfman likes dental sealants!


4)  Fluoride Treatment

Finally the teeth are bathed in a high concentration fluoride gel to finish off the visit. This is part of our chemical weapons attack on plaque and benefits the teeth greatly.
To learn more about Fluoride and how it works see THE ROLE OF FLUORIDE  


5)  Home Care   green_cross

Make sure that your arsenal at home is stocked up for the next 6 months, before checking in again. We stock a variety of products and will make sure you will get the best advice with each product. Some of the products on supermarket shelves are just good marketing items and it can be very difficult to pick the right ones:      

  • Toothbrushes
  • Tooth paste
  • Floss
  • Mouth rinse
  • Custom care e.g. Superfloss / Interdental brushes / Special mouth rinses

 Watch a Video:   To really know how to BRUSH & FLOSS!.



To equip you with all the right preventative information, these hampers are a must! No more excuses like
‘I didn't know' when taking this home.

Our hampers include:

  • Everything you need to know about how to clean your teeth
  • Educational DVD
  • Plaque Indicators
  • Special chewing gum that helps to prevent tooth decay
  • Sugar free candy: Yes you may eat them and they taste delicious!
  • Your own dental mirror and probe to see around the corners


You can buy the Oral Hygiene Hampers at Our Practice  (available soon! )


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