C) Super White Clean

Our passion is to get your teeth to its whitest, brightest and cleanest possible state and to keep them that way! We also know that your teeth don't always need the same type of clean. Our Super White Clean is aimed at a longer session with the primary goal of getting your teeth whiter or focussing on a specific oral hygiene problem. Our Whitening Goody Pack is yours for R99. It includes whitening toothpaste and mouthrinse. Whatever your situation, we have a cleaning option that will suit your need and pocket. 

This is our Superior Clean and involves a special whitening session.


This Service Includes the Following:

Who Will Benefit From This?



  • People with staining on their teeth

  • Anyone with plaque residue or swollen gums

  • Regular smokers that wants a good dental clean

  • If you have been referred by your dentist






Price:             R580 + R99   (2019 cash only)







A) On The Go Clean      


B) Standard Clean