EMS Airflow Cleaning

We now offer world-class Swiss technology that is quiet and minimally invasive, using AIR to clean Plaque and Stains from your teeth and gums!


Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is the systematic, evidence-based solution for dental biofilm management in professional prevention using state-of-the-art AIRFLOW, PERIOFLOW and PIEZON technologies on teeth, soft tissues and dental implants.


Dental Biofilm is the sticky substance found on our teeth that contains dental plaque. If left undisturbed, the biofilm transforms carbohydrates and sugar into acid. It is this acidic environment that breaks down tooth enamel and leads to cavities. 


What is EMS Airflow GBT(Guided Biofilm Therapy)?


The EMS dual-action system is a breakthrough in plaque and stain removal, offering a gentle pain-free AIRflow powder treatment that provides effective, fast and pleasant cleaning and polishing in one single procedure! It involves less contact with the teeth, reducing discomfort while still removing plaque effectively.




















  The GBT protocol includes Oral Hygiene Instructions, patient Education and Motivation to maintain natural teeth and implants for as long as possible. 























See video below on how EMS works!
















Why is GBT a 'Game Changer'?
Conventional cleaning methods make use of ultrasonic vibrating instruments, hand instruments and pastes to polish the teeth's surfaces.
The EMS AIRflow combines AIR, water and powder in a controlled way to clean and polish the teeth! The powder molecules are exactly the correct size and structure to ensure maximum safety and efficacy. This also allows the unit to effectively clean braces, crowns and bridges and dental implants without damage to the surfaces.

























The 8 STEPS of the GBT Protocol:


The following are the steps that are followed during your EMS appointment. 


01  Assess (Probe and screen every case)
* Healthy teeth, caries, gingivitis, periodontitis
* Healthy implants, mucositis, peri-implantitis
* Start by rinsing with BacterX Pro mouthwash 


02  Disclose (Make Biofilm visible)
* Highlight to patients the disclosed biofilm and their problematic areas with Biofilm Discloser
* The color will guide biofilm removal
* Once biofilm is removed, calculus is easier to detect




03 Motivate (Raise awareness and teach)
* Emphasize on prevention
* Instruct your patients in oral hygiene
* EMS recommends Sonicare toothbrushes and interdental brushes or Airfloss Ultra




04 Airflow (Remove biofilm, stains and early calculus)
* Use AIRFLOW® for natural teeth, restorations and implants.
* Remove biofilm supra- and subgingivally up to 4 mm using PLUS 14 μm powder
* Remove remaining stains on enamel using CLASSIC COMFORT Powder.
* Also remove biofilm from gingiva, tongue and palate.




05 Perioflow (Remove biofilm in >4 to 9 mm pockets)
* Use PLUS Powder on natural teeth in deep pockets and root furcations and on implants
* Use new and slimmer PERIOFLOW® Nozzle




06 Piezon (Remove remaining calculus)
* Use the minimally invasive EMS PS instrument supra-and subgingivally up to 10 mm
* Clean > 10 mm pockets with a mini curette
* Use EMS PI Instrument around implants up to 3 mm subgingivally and on restorations




07 Check (Make your patient smile)
* Do a final check for the remaining biofilm
* Ensure calculus is fully removed
* Accurately diagnose caries
* Protect with fluoride




08 Recall (Healthy patient = Happy patient)
* Schedule recall frequency according to risk assessment
* Ask your patient if he or she liked the treatment
























Cost of EMS GBT treatment:


































                  GBR AIRFLO Therapy PLUS 1 week supply of Whitening Strips.










(To learn more about our whitening strips, click here.)















































Dental Cleaning Cape Town  EMS Airflo even warms up the water to ensure a no-sensitive
experience for those patients who need an even SOFTER touch.









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