Save Your Smile

Save Your Smile

A Fresh Breath, Clean Teeth and a Confident Smile!

Tired Of Stained Teeth, Plaque or Bad Breath? 

How Much Longer Are You Going To Put off your Cleaning visit, 
because of shame or embarrassment?

Having great looking teeth today is an asset that all of us can and should have!
Our teeth form the most important ingredient 
to a great looking smile.

Not everyone has been born with a beautiful white smile, but we at 'The Oral
Hygienist' know the secret to transform an ordinary 
SMILE into a

 Do The Plaque Test:
  1) Run your tongue over your teeth to feel the surface.
2) Does the surface has a smooth or 'cotton' feel? Smooth is good, but
'cotton' means plaque. 

Save Your Smile

Our teeth are under the constant attack of an enviroment that contains 
elements (tea, coffee, smoking), grinding and a bacterial
(plaque) onslaught that 
constantly wears down a once beautiful SMILE!

We all need protection against these elements to constantly reverse this
existing 'aging-effect'!

Welcome to the ORAL HYGIENIST!

Your team of dental experts that specialize in PREVENTING dental problems
POLISHING 'worn-down' smiles into SPECTACULAR ones!

Save Your Smile

Say Goodbye To:
* Bad Breath
* Yellow Teeth
* Plaque and Calculus (hard deposits)
* Smoking, Coffee & Tea Stains
* Red, Swollen and Bleeding gums
* Sensitive Teeth
* Confusion about Dental Products & Toothbrushes and
what really works

We can help you to smile with confidence!

 Cleaning teeth and keeping teeth looking fabulous to have the SMILE of your
dreams 24/7 is our daily job.

Bring your teeth in for a service, put your feet up and relax...

Save Your Smile