Smile Makeovers

BEFORE:  Uneven front teeth with abnormal small laterals and overly long centrals. AFTER:  Gum reshaping and Dental Veneers in resin were used to shorten the centrals and build out the laterals to create a more pleasing smile.
BEFORE:  Gap and uneven front teeth.  AFTER:  Dental Veneers re-shaped 4 front teeth in just 1 visit.
BEFORE:  Worn down front teeth.  AFTER:  Dental Veneers (resin) in 1 visit to change the patient's smile.
BEFORE:  Gaps between front teeth and yellow stained teeth.  AFTER:  Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding were used to create the new look in 1 visit.
BEFORE:  Uneven gaps and alignment of teeth.  AFTER:  Gaps were closed with white fillings and composite bonding.
BEFORE:  Broken front tooth.  AFTER:  Tooth repaired in 1 visit by using composite bonding. NO injections needed.
BEFORE:  Irregular teeth showing old defective white fillings.  AFTER:  Teeth reshaped and sculpted with composite fillings/veneers in just 2 hours.
BEFORE:  Big gap between front teeth.  AFTER:  4 Front teeth were treated with White Composite Bonding in 1 visit.
BEFORE: Crooked and stained teeth.  AFTER:  New Dental Bridge top left and Dental Veneers on front teeth.
BEFORE: Heavily overlapping front teeth.  AFTER:  Cosmetic contouring and resin veneers done in 1 visit
BEFORE:  Defective metal fillings.  AFTER:  New CEREC ceramic fillings all done in 1 visit.
BEFORE: Worn down 4 front teeth due to teeth grinding.  AFTER:  Composite Fillings done in 1 visit and a bite plate must be warn to prevent future wear.