Why Do I Need Maintenance?

Since the day our first tooth came in, dental plaque gets a stronghold in our mouths and attaches to the tooth structure. From here on we fight a constant battle to remove and keep this BIOFILM (dental plaque and their excretions) away from our teeth. Failure to...
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Dental Exam & Cavity Check

Most people need to see the dentist every 6 months to ensure optimum dental health. 6 Months is enough time for most of us to develop tooth decay (caries) and treatment start with diagnosing these lesions. What Happens At The Dental Exam? Greetings and Medical/Dental HistoryAfter...
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Teeth Grinding

Our teeth are only supposed to touch during chewing and swallowing to ensure optimum dental and joint health. For many people (20 - 40%) their teeth are touching more frequently and lead to a condition called bruxism (Greek 'bryx' meaning gnashing of teeth) or teeth grinding.Teeth...
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