Digital Smile Design (DSD)

What is DSD

When your dentist makes you a new dental crown, dental veneer or dental bridge how does he know what the size, shape and colour must be? When you want 4 or 6 front teeth done in veneers or crowns this question becomes even more important. How about when doing a full makeover? Is...
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Design your Smile

What Type Of Smile Suits You?When more than 1 front tooth need attention, the need to look beyond the teeth becomes more important. The shape of the face, the type of smile and teeth shape, colour and form becomes part of the whole way of thinking in designing your new smile. Different smile...
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DSD Planning(5 Steps)

The DSD process follows a specific flow and consist of 5 steps. We first take photos to capture your current situation and then to transfer these to the 2D and 3D designing steps. After the designing we transfer the prototype over to your mouth so you can 'test-drive' your new smile. The...
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