Stop Snoring Tonight

Stop Snoring Tonight

Are you tired or embarrassed by your snoring?

Are you the one responsible for keeping your spouse or friends from
having a good night's sleep?

Many spouses are forced to sleep in separate bedrooms and the whole family
is usually affected in one way or the other. Marriages often suffer
& sometimes even end up in divorce as a direct or indirect

result of someone's snoring. 

Snoring can be a serious SOCIAL & MEDICAL condition

Stop Snoring Tonight

If you suffer from snoring or have to share a room with someone
that snores, we might be able to help. Your life and loved ones
are too important to just ignore this. 

Stop Snoring Tonight
SSA (Stop Snoring Appliance)

The Stop Snoring Appliance (SSA) is a professionally custom made anti-snoring
appliance that is only available from your dentist. The SSA is custom made
by means of intra-oral impressions, so it will fit your mouth precisely
Some over-the-counter devices exist, but like all other similar products,
provide an inferior fit in comparison to aprofessionally custom made device.

How Does The SSA Works?
Stop Snoring Tonight

The SSA basically consists of 2 plastic (acrylic) gum guards that fit over
the upper and lower teeth. These acrylic guards are joined together so when
placed and fitted you have to use some force to open your mouth. This
prevents the mouth from opening during sleep. 

The device helps to position the lower jaw forward and thus prevents the
tongue from falling back during sleep. When the tongue falls against the
back part of the palate (soft palate) during sleep, it narrows the
airway opening and creates avibration we call snoring. 

The SSA can be made to effectively prevent snoring by positioning the
lower jaw and tongue in a forward position to enable an open
airway during sleep.

Your Dental Appointment
1st Visit:
Stop Snoring Tonight

After a diagnosis and history taking we evaluate your bite and teeth 
to see if you are a good candidate for a Stop Snoring Appliance
(SSA).  If all is OK we take impressions of your upper & lower
teeth to make your custom-fitted SSA

2nd Visit:
Stop Snoring Tonight

The 2nd visit is the fitting appointment to see if your SSA  feels
comfortable and that the fit is good. We will further provide you
with instructions and follow up appointments if necessary.

What Makes The SSA Different From Other Anti-Snoring Devices?
  • The SSA is a dentist approved and custom made appliance that offers professional results plus follow up and aftercare.
  • The dentist will first diagnose your snoring problem and decides on the best possible solution. 
  • Not all snoring are the same and some snoring obstructs the airway completely and can cause serious health problems. Snoring that causes health problems can be characterized by temporary pauses of breathing called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious and medical condition and needs to be diagnosed and controlled by a healthcare professional.
  • The SSA ensures a tight custom fit that is necessary to prevent snoring that is not possible with over-the-counter or heat and boil products. 
  • The SSA is only available at your dentist and thus comes with professional advice and follow-up aftercare.

Stop Snoring Tonight