Online Smile Consultation

Want to find out what options are available to restore your smile? We know you don't mind making a consultation to see the dentist, but also wish there were a way of knowing upfront the solutions to restore or change your smile. The colour, shape, length and alignment of your teeth can all be changed, but where do you really start?


In short, you just want to know more about your unique situation, the possible solutions and the estimated costs involved. Our online smile consultations offer exactly that. 




What exactly is an Online Smile Consultation?
For starters, we do not have an online meeting with you. Everything is submitted in text. The most important part is your photos. You send us 6 photos of your teeth and we use these to make a provisional diagnosis and treatment plan. 















taking photos     - Click to see how to take your photos


When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, many people are unaware of all the exciting options available to them. Your smile and teeth are unique and no cookie-cutter solution exists for everyone. Dentistry today is facially driven and almost all treatment planning starts with a photo session. With Digital dentistry we can now digitally and virtually plan your new smile long before picking up a drill. We have found that most people benefit greatly when given upfront information regarding their smile before the first actual sit-down consultation.

What info do we need from you?
Send us an email with the following info:



  1. Medical/Dental History
    Tell us your medical and dental history.


  3. Main Complaint
    Tell us what about your teeth and smile bother you most. To help you to identify problems, see our Smile Analysis.


  5. X-rays
    If you have any records like x-rays, you are welcome to include them.


  7. Gums, Gingivitis or Bad Breath problems
    Tell us if you suffer from these conditions


  9. Cosmetic / Aesthetic Evaluation
    Tell us your cosmetic and aesthetic concerns. Many changes continue to happen to our teeth and smiles due to an everyday life of eating, chewing and grinding, resulting in an ever-increasing 'worn down' look. Constant chipping, crowding, yellowing of teeth, tooth loss, increased tooth sensitivity, gum infection, changes in soft tissues (longer upper lip causes fewer teeth to show) and many more are only some of these changes. Cosmetic Dentistry can provide many solutions to these problems thus reversing the effects of aging.


  11. Attachment with your 6 photos
    These photos will be used to help us do an analysis of your teeth and a possible DSD(Digital Smile Design) of your proposed smile.















    Smile consultation     Please note that any photos received will be treated confidentially and will not be shared on any platform or third party without your consent.


    Please see our Smile analysis and Smile Consultation for more info.




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