Frequently Asked Questions

How does FAQ works?

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What Makes Myteeth Unique?

We simply place a high emphesis and value on cosmetic and esthetic procedures. Everything we do are viewed through this 'cosmetic lense' and tooth colour, shape and form enjoy top priority. We offer you an interactive experience that is extended to you via our website and our 'digital...
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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that strives to improve the appearance of a person's teeth, gums and bite and thus the overall smile in general. It primarily focuses on improving dental aesthetics in colour, form, shape, alignment and the overall smile...
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What are your Online Smile Consultations?

We know you don't mind making a consultation to see the dentist, but also wish there were a way of knowing upfront the solutions to restore or change your smile. The colour, shape, length and alignment of your teeth can all be changed, but where do you really start?In short,...
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How do I know if I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and we can only make some recommendations, but through scientific guidelines and rules we can generally easily see where help is needed. Our smiles are usually the first thing people notice when they meet us for the first time so we cannot really...
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Do you offer different kinds of consultations?

Yes, we offer a few options, but the routine 6 monthly dental exam or cavity check is still the most popular. (below prices are for *2023) 1. Complimentary smile consultation (30 minutes)This is a free consultation where we just chat and provide you with options and general...
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Do you have any Payment Plans

We know that dentistry is not the most inexpensive cost in your life, but it is a necessity. We have found that putting off that dental appointment has let to some disastrous dental experiences that could have been avoided with minimal treatment. We will always provide you with...
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What is the best teeth whitening option you have?

Our ZOOM teeth whitening is truly the ideal option as we do it for you(professional application) and can use the optimum concentration of whitening gel for best results. Teeth whitening works on the simple concept of applying the whitening gel to the teeth and keeping it...
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We offer ZOOM teeth whitening in-chair and TAKE-HOME KITS at our Tableview office. Unfortunately we are only based in TABLEVIEW / BLOUBERG and do not have offices in Cape Town. However our TABLEVIEW / BLOUBERG offices are only +-17 kilometres away from the mother...
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Cost of Teeth whitening?

If you are looking for “teeth whitening near me” or “cost of teeth whitening” or just want to find out “price of teeth whitening”in Cape Town or generally in South Africa, we believe that we offer Zoom Teeth whitening at a giveaway price. We...
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Can I only Do My Front 4 teeth?

Absolutely. Doing only the front 4 or 6 teeth from an aesthetic aspect is often referred to as a mini smile makeover. It is important to let us do a complete analysis (smile consultation and dental exam) to look at the complete picture and get all the information in. This will allow us to make...
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Do you only do cosmetic dentistry?

Although our main focus and love is to concentrate on more esthetic and cosmetic dental procedures we also provide general family and Implant dentistry. We have found that by focusing on certain areas in dentistry we not only do what we really love, but can then also deliver...
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Is Your Smile Consultations Really Free Of Charge?

Yes. We have found that most people want to improve their smile one way or the other, but do not know if it is at all possible or not. This type of informal question and answer session is important to help you make up your mind and also to come and meet us and see for yourself.We are so passionate...
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Where do I find more information on porcelain veneers?

Open this post and click here on porcelain veneers to see a complete list of all our posts on porcelain veneers.    

Dentist Cape town sounds like you are in cape town?

Our practice is situated in Tableview, a suburb in the Atlantic seaboard area. You can easily find us on google maps here. Our patients come from the surrounding Cape Town and suburbs or Tableview, Blouberg, Milnerton, Melkbosstrand and West coast areas. Dentist Cape Town is a popular...
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When I search dentist cape town I still cannot find you.

Dentist Cape Town is a very popular search term and many dentists in Cape Town will come up in your search. You can narrow your search down to dentist Tableview or dentist Blouberg. 

When I search dentist tableview I cannot find you.

Dentist Tableview is a very popular search term for patients in the Tableview, Milnerton or Blouberg area trying to find us. We cannot always guarantee that we will be on the first page on google, but you can also try other spelling options like dentist Table view or dentist table...
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