Mini Smile Makeover

Improving your smile doesn't have to mean breaking the bank! Sometimes doing the minimum for the maximum benefit is the best way to go. For many people changing the front 4-6 teeth to the ideal shape and colour will provide them with a mini smile makeover.  Conservative cosmetic treatment will mean the following:
a) Mini smile makeover consultation
b) Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening
c) Resin veneers / composite bonding on 4 front teeth
d) Night guard for protection 


a) Mini Smile Makeover Consultation
This is an in-depth consultation that is needed to assist us in planning your case. Sometimes working on just 4-6 teeth will not bring the desired outcome. Problems include closing gaps between teeth, dental implant planning, porcelain veneers, crowns and composite bonding options.
To help us we take the following records
: x-rays, detailed photo session that consists of 15 specific photographs, videography, dental impressions to create 3D study models and then after-hours discussions with our team of dentists, specialists and dental technicians. We make use of state-of-the-art technology to help us to design and plan your new smile. 

b) Cleaning and teeth whitening:
When doing cosmetic Dentistry, we always want to get your teeth as clean and white as possible before we attempt to do any Bonding. However, if you are happy with the current colour of your teeth then whitening is not for you. Check out out Cleaning menu for all your teeth cleaning options.
Only natural teeth will whiten
and if you ever want to whiten your teeth after your bonding you probably will have to redo the work. Whitening your teeth will also give us the base colour to which all your veneers and dental work match. Example: You don't want to have your front teeth beautiful and white and the rest yellow. (artificial look) This means that you must consider teeth whitening first as an option. Our teeth whitening prices and options are the quickest way to a white smile!


c) 4X Resin Veneers (full coverage resin) 
This is a great medium-term solution and can look the same as porcelain veneers. With one-visit Resin Veneers, we can now change your tooth to the ideal shape, size and colour. Resin Bonding is the future material in dentistry and can provide excellent results! As part of your Mini Smile Makeover we recommend doing the 4 front teeth.

d) Night Guard for protection
night guard is essential to keep your new smile in top condition and avoid future wear and movement. 





















You can take part in an online Smile Consultation by sending us some of your smile photos. This will allow us to give you an indication of treatment options and a possible DSD before and after photo of your new smile. 

























a) Makeover consultation          -R1500
b) Cleaning & Teeth whitening -R2500
c) 4X Resin Veneers.                 -R15500
d) Night guard                             -R1200
TOTAL R20 700 (2024)
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