-Cerec Makeovers-

BEFORE: Unsightly Metal-Porcelain crowns and tooth wear. AFTER: New Porcelain crowns and bridge
BEFORE: Patient unhappy with old dark crowns and kanting of smile. AFTER: 10 New Porcelain crowns improving kant and shade
BEFORE: Peg laterals and patient unhappy with colour. AFTER: 2 Resin Veneers on centrals plus 2 Cerec Veneers on laterals and  with teeth whitening
BEFORE: Gaps, yellow and chipped upper teeth. AFTER: 6 One visit Upper Cerec Porcelain Crowns and Teeth whitening for lower teeth
BEFORE: Uneven worn-down smile with minimal teeth showing. AFTER: 6 One visit cerec Crowns showing more teeth in smile
BEFORE: Tooth wear, Implant healing caps & old metal-porcelain crowns. AFTER: 12 new Porcelain metal-free cerec crowns
BEFORE:  Uneven front teeth with abnormal small laterals and overly long centrals. AFTER:  Gum reshaping and Dental Veneers in resin were used to shorten the centrals and build out the laterals to create a more pleasing smile.
BEFORE: Crooked and stained teeth.  AFTER:  New Dental Bridge top left and Dental Veneers on front teeth.
BEFORE: Patient wanted a new smile.  AFTER:  6 CEREC porcelain veneers on front teeth restore the smile to a more youthful smile. All in 1 visit.