How Sedation works?

 2 Options are available for a relax and sleepy dental visit:
 1) Taking a pill 1 hour before the procedure      
This will help you to relax and just takes the edge off. Almost like a strong sleeping tablet. Someone must accompany you to provide transport to and from the surgery. Cost:  The price of the tablet
2)  Being completely ‘asleep’ during the procedure
This option is very popular, especially amongst children.  We get a Sedation doctor out on-site to help you into dreamland. You get a drip in your hand (and YES, this is painless as you can request to get a ‘numbing sticker’ on your hand) and all the drugs are being given to you intravenously.
    The drugs work to help you being asleep. You will experience a
    drunken state of mind and cannot remember anything during or after the
    procedure.  This loss of memory is why we call it 5 minute dentistry,
    because to you everything will feel like 5 minutes!

    Would I be completely asleep or just groggy?
      You will not be completely unconscious as then it is called general anesthesia
      and gets done in hospital. With sedation dentistry you can still breath on
     your own and this makes the procedure very SAFE.

    How long does the sedation last?
     As long as we would want it to. The moment we stop the drugs, you slowly
     start to come to your senses. This means that you are asleep in about less
     than 1 minute after the drip is put in.)


   Do we still use local anesthesia during sedation?
   Yes, because this will help to calm the tooth down and keeps the area around the teeth
   dry and prevent gums from bleeding as this often happens during dental work. The
   injection contains adrenalin that contract blood vessels. You will not know about the
   injection at all.  
   In today’s modern world Sedation dentistry is very popular and a lot of the times it is
   given to children. This is really a  great option! I cannot even imagine doing dentistry
   without this amazing option.
   The only downfall is that it is an extra expense. +- R4500 for 1st hour for option 2
   (2019 fees- please contact the office for an estimate)


   Contact us to get the latest fees.
   The cost normally is worked out depending on the time. Most medical aids cover this
   treatment, but you have to get pre-authorization. Fill in the form below to get an estimate.
   Trust me, you’ll love it!