Resin Injection Moulding

The Resin Injection Technique (RiT) is the latest procedure to take cosmetic dentistry to new heights! This is everything you've always wanted to get to that new makeover or smile, but without the need for invasive procedures.
With RiT we adhere to the principles of minimally invasive dentistry and therefore many times only do an additive procedure, leaving your precious tooth enamel intact or with minimal preparation. RiT also forms part of one of our new services called Lite Dentistry.


Change Your Teeth's Size, Shape & Colour in a predictable way
Resin is natural-looking, long-lasting and very affordable comparing to other tooth-coloured materials. Since very little or no tooth structure is reduced, resin procedures are very conservative, but often the dentist had to rely on freehand build-ups to get to the final shape.















Veneers Cape Town
Veneers Cape Town
 Teeth too short, due to tooth wear  Correct length after resin injection technique


The shape and form of your teeth are almost more important than the shade. Even with the perfect shade match, if the shape and form are not 100% correct, symmetry and harmony will be lacking.
Getting the shape wrong and especially if exact symmetry is required for aesthetic makeovers on front teeth, relying on a free-hand technique is not always the best option. With RiT we first do a 2D design (Digital Smile Design), then 3D design and finally we can now transfer this 3D design to a mock-up in the mouth. This allows for almost exact copying and makes these cases more predictable than free-hand. 


How does it work?
With RiT we first do a 2D design (Digital Smile Design) where we make use of the latest design software to create the perfect smile design for your face and smile. Most often teeth need to be made longer to give a more youthful appearance.


Veneers Cape TownIf the 2D design is approved by the patient we then transfer this to a 3D design in order to 3D print the new teeth.
The 3D printed teeth represent the new smile and this now needs to be transferred to the patient's mouth in order to do a mock-up of the new smile. 


From Printed model to Mock-up
To transfer the printed model to the mouth we make use of a silicone stent or index that perfectly fits over the printed model.














Veneers Cape Town
 The silicon index fits perfectly over the teeth 


This silicon stent is then fitted in the patient's mouth and the volume difference now represents the additive part or new shape that was planned in the 2D stage. This allows for almost exact copying of the 3D printed models and make these cases more predictable than free-hand. 

Injecting the Resin into the silicone
The latest resin materials for this technique are called flowable resins and this allows us to 'inject' the resin in the silicone stent and on the teeth to fill into the 'new volume' and planned shape. The clear matrix makes it easy to see when the 3D volume is filled in. Veneers Cape TownThis technique makes resin or composite build-ups more predictable than ever before! 






Smile Makeovers
With the Resin Injection Technique, we can now help patients to add length, change the shape or align their teeth to the planned and newly designed smile. One particular good application is treating traditional tooth wear due to grinding, erosion or trauma to reverse such wear and replace the lost enamel with the latest flowable resins. Most patients need some form of tooth lengthening to reverse the effects of tooth wear and add years back to their smile.















Veneers Cape Town
Veneers Cape Town
 Before Resin InjectionAfter Resin Injection

















Veneers Cape Town
Veneers Cape Town


The Resin Injection Technique forms part of Lite dentistry that is a new concept in dentistry where we adhere to the most conservative protocols to achieve the final outcome. It makes use of the ABB principle that stands for AlignmentBleaching and Bonding. With minimal or no drilling this is truly the future in dentistry. This technique now allows the dentist to design a new smile from scratch and transfer this new smile to the patient with amazing accuracy. 










      The Resin Injection Technique forms part of Lite dentistry that is a new concept in dentistry where we adhere to the most conservative protocols to achieve the final outcome.