90 Minutes is mostly all that is needed to get a new full porcelain metal-free crown, veneer or filling! Digital dentistry has changed the way we plan, design and manufacture dental restorations today. The nett effect is improved quality, more cost effective and the amazing SPEED comparing to conventional analog protocols. With CEREC 3D we can now fast forward all the analog steps in creating all-porcelain fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges and do this in just a single visit. In fact only 90 minutes is needed for most restorations from preparation, digital impression, design and milling!

– Gaggy impressions
– Temporary fillings that come out and are just inconvenient
– Third party (lab) involvement that complicate things
– 10 - 15 days turnaround time to wait for Lab work to return
– Numerous shots to numb the tooth on 2 different occations in the same area

Careful planning is essential and photos, xrays and study models are taken to plan exately where the new restoration must go to create the perfect fit and design for your smile.