Step 3 (Milling)

After the final design and completion of the new restoration on the 3D cerec software, the dentist is now ready for the next step. A high quality ceramic block that matches your tooth shade is placed in the special cerec milling unit and is ready to be milled. Fine diamond burs under water cooling cut out the exact design from the block within 10 - 15 minutes. The new restoration is then polished and the dentist further have the option to use a special furnace to apply further characterizing and glazing on the restoration to give it a high gloss finish.


The cerec filling, veneercrown or bridge is now fitted and you can now admire your brand new tooth! Whoolah! Cerec is amazing and can produce a brand new full porcelain ceramic restoration in under 90 minutes with most designs. Some more complex designs like bridges and other porcelains might take a little longer, but your dentist will pre plan this with you.


View the following video to see how CEREC has changed dentistry today!