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Healthy adult teeth naturally contain a mixture of yellow, red, and grey shades. Teeth Whitening can work wonders – no matter how your teeth look on the colour spectrum!


Teeth Whitening is one of the first things you should consider if you are longing for a white and new smile! Whiter teeth not only reflects a more youthful smile, but also carries the message of healthy and clean teeth. Many dental products today will use the term "whiter teeth" or "whiter smile" in their marketing campaigns, because they know the powerful impact a white smile carries. Sadly most over-the-counter products can never really whiten your teeth, as the concentration of whitening agent is too weak.


For whiter teeth you need a prescription strength whitening agent, called carbonide or hydrogen peroxide, and only your dentist is allowed to dispense these whitening agent to patients. Dental fillings or crowns DO NOT whiten and it is therefore very important to consult your dentist first before whitening your teeth. Your new white smile will be used as the new background colour to which all new dental work must be matched.


YELLOW: The dentin is revealed when enamel is thinned, usually due to ageing or brushing too hard


GREY: It's likely that you have experienced Anti-biotic Staining, probably sometime during your youth

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BEIGE:Could be too much coffee, tea, or red wine or due to smoking or chewing tobacco.



WHITE: You most certainly just had your teeth whitened and have a great home care routine. Keep regular check-ups and repeat your whitening every 3 – 6 months.

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