The CEREC Appointment


90 Minutes is mostly all that is needed to get a new full porcelain metal-free crown, veneer or filling! Digital dentistry has changed the way we plan, design and manufacture dental restorations today. The nett effect is improved quality, more cost effective and the amazing SPEED...
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Step 1 (Imaging)

After the consultation and planning, we prepare and shape the tooth following the biomimetric principles to remove the least amount of enamel and tooth structure. Decayed and weakened tooth structure(too thin and cracks) are cleaned out and eliminated leaving a healthy and strong...
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Step 2 (Designing)

The tooth prepping and optical impression is now finished and the next step in the cerec procedure can start. The patient can now relax and watch our roof TV programmes or sit up and have some time out. The dentist will start the designing of the restoration and all the initial planning and...
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Step 3 (Milling)

After the final design and completion of the new restoration on the 3D cerec software, the dentist is now ready for the next step. A high quality ceramic block that matches your tooth shade is placed in the special cerec milling unit and is ready to be milled. Fine diamond burs under water...
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