10 Wow’s of a new white smile

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10 Wow’s of a new white smile

Few things can be so dramatic as changing a smile from yellow to white. Nothing beats the confidence that comes with a new whiter smile! Most of us know the good feeling when someone compliments us on a new hairstyle, new clothes or a good-looking body. All the hard work is usually worth it when someone asks: "How do you do it?"

News Flash! A new white smile tops it all! Teeth whitening is the safest and easiest way to a whiter smile.


1) More attractive smile

Smiles are sexy and whiter teeth can boost your sex appeal up a notch or two. It can lead to that dream date or land you a better job.

2) Elevate your mood and self-confidence

You'll feel good about yourself knowing you have that terrific smile as your secret advantage. You'll find yourself smiling more often and that will make you feel a lot better!

3) Get compliments Galore!!!

Others will suddenly notice your smile. Expect to receive lots of admiring comments or stares. Something is just different and you suddenly have that X'-factor.

4) Be highly regarded

We live in a beauty conscious society and people will just treat you better. Others will see you as more approachable and friendly.

5) Super Easy

It's practically "take-a-pill-and-you're-done" easy. Wear a whitening tray for 30 minutes or use ZOOM Whitening to an instant whiter smile!

6) Amazingly effective

For most people, teeth whitening make a dramatic difference to the colour of their teeth. It's an instant smile makeover without any invasive procedures or big


7) Reasonably fast

To super fast! With whitening custom trays, whitening happens within days to 3 weeks. With in-office Zoom Whitening, except an average of 9 shades lighter in just 45 minutes!

8 Comfortable

Some people may experience a slight to mild form of sensitivity that disappears when the whitening process is stopped. This is a normal reaction to oxygen uptake that varies in people. The strength and integrity of your health is maintained.

9) Safe

The gel is non-toxic, non-allergenic and very safe to use. It is basically hydrogen peroxide that has been used in hospitals to clean wounds for many years.

10) Affordable

Teeth whitening come in many options to suit everyone's smile and pocket. It is by far the most cost effective dental cosmetic procedure to create the biggest WOW!!! to all your teeth and smile!