Is your diet destroying your teeth?

Is your diet destroying your teeth?

Have you heard about the story of how a tooth will dissolve when placed in a glass of COLA? If you have ever wondered how this is even possible or true, take it from us... stay away from soft drinks! It all depends on the pH surrounding the tooth. One of the most important factors in maintaining healthy teeth is pH.
First, consider what pH means. It is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale goes from 1 to 14, 1 being the most acidic, 14 being the most alkaline, and 7 being neutral (like most water, although a lot of bottled water today have a pH below 7). A pH of 5.5 is an important pH level for teeth as the teeth begin to dissolve or demineralize below 5.5. The opposide is also true and at a pH above 5.5, the teeth begin to re-mineralize. The fact is that acid and not directly sugar is the real cause for erosion of enamel and plays a direct role in the development of tooth decay and dental erosion.

Everyday our teeth are exposed to whatever we eat or drink and the time this exposure is aloud to carry on plays just an important role. Sipping on your favourite soda immediately drops the pH in your saliva and mouth to about 3. Tooth enamel now starts to dissolve and given enough time will irreversably eat away at your pearly whites.

ACID ATTACK is a major cause for tooth wear and dental decay. Plaque produces  ACID  by breaking down the sugars we eat.  ACID  removes the calcium from the tooth structure making it soft and eventually forming tooth decay or erosion (acid wear).

.People that frequently enjoy ACIDIC drinks and foods will soon find that the age of their teeth are much higher than the true biological age.


  • Orange Juice
  • Cola or other soft drinks
  • Sports Drinks containing orange flavouring or are acidic in taste
  • Lemons and Oranges (Citric Fruits)
  • Sour Sweets


  • Increased sensitivity to chewing and cold substances
  • Washed out biting surfaces that show yellow islands of dentin
  • Grooves and sensitivity on necks of teeth
  • Yellowing of teeth
  • Increased cavity formation
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Remember: Always rinse your mouth with clean water after eating or drinking any acidic foods. Water will help bringing the pH back to levels above 5.5

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.If you suffer from ACID ATTACK on your teeth, make sure to visit your dentist for a check-up! Also visit your Oral hygienist on a regular basis to ensure proper hygiene and to prevent any real damage to your teeth. To learn more about tooth wear and our ageing smiles, click here or contact us by completing the form on this page.