Bridge vs Implant

Bridge vs Implant

Before dental implants were available dental bridges were the only fixed option you had when losing a tooth. Other options like dentures were all removable options and are still available today, but usually serve as a more temporary solution. Please note that having a dental bridge does not mean that the changes describe in the video below will necessarily take place. Many patients have successful dental bridges for many years without the destructive changes happening to the adjacent and pontic areas. It is important to note that a dental bridge covers and protects natural teeth and therefor tooth decay can still happen.

To limit bone receding under the pontic area, a minimum period of 2 months is often advised after extraction to allow for bone changes to stabilize before a final dental bridge will be made. A temporary denture or temporary bridge is then often worn for this period. In general, choosing a dental implant over a dental bridge is the better choice due to the POSSIBLE negative changes over the long run that might happen to the anchor teeth and adjacent tissues.

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