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I will give you an estimate, but would first like to explain some options.
‘Veneers' is a term that is widely use to describe a full coverage front surface of a tooth with some form of dental
material. This material can be resin or ceramic. In ceramic there are also a number of types of ceramic that as you can
imagine, will influence the cost.

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It is therefore very difficult to give you a once off answer. Our fee structure will range between R2000 (resin)to R4000 (porcelain) / tooth.

Let's investigate a little more where this fee comes from:

To get great looking veneers 100% of the time one has to follow a system that will almost always guarantee results. Any good cosmetic dentist will use some form of system as veneers are 50% skill and 50% art. I am currently using the followingsystem to make porcelain veneers:

We make use of a wax-up appointment to show you exactely what your new veneers will look like before we even get started. We also allow for a try-in appointment where you can try out your new smile and if you are not happy, we make adjustments. This is a crucial appointment, because once your veneers are cemented on, they cannot be changed! We will never fit your veneers if you are not 100% happy with the try-in stage.
The time and effort involve to makegreat looking veneers could sometimes reallybe substantial. As you can see, unlike other dental work, dental veneers are evaluated only onhow they look and that is all! You can easily spot the difference between high end and low end porcelain veneers. The type of porcelain that is use also makes a big difference. Lastly, we discuss with you the many smile designsoptionswhere you can even change your ‘personality' by choosing acertain design.It is the amount of chair time and effort that most people forget that goes into makingsomething that carries such a high cosmetic value.

Latest: (new!)
This is our latest cerec 3D 1 visit porcelain veneer option where it can give you a brand new SMILE in just 1 visit!
Usuallythe patient had to wait +- 10 days after the preparation visit before the permanent veneers could be fitted.
The patient also had to wear temporaries that was never great as the material was usually acrylic and had to be removed at the 2ndvisit.
With cerec 3D it is now possible to do all the planning and fitting in 1 visit.

This 1 visit procedure has changed everything drastically:
– no temporaries
–no more second visits
–no more seconds shots of injections
– no more Laboratory work that had to be sent back if dentist and patient
were not completely happy with the results

To learn more about this procedure please click the link below to watch a video of the procedure:

The price is the same as for the traditional way of doing porcelain veneers and crowns and is currently +- R4000 per tooth.

As you can see the best will be to come in and make use of my FREE SMILE MAKE OVER consultation.

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Please note: Quoted prices are for 2011