Dental Intelligence Quotient – January 2011

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Dental Intelligence Quotient – January 2011

Regular dental visits and a scrupulous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet! How's your DIQ –Dental Intelligence Quotient?Take our quiz and find out…

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1) The correct amount of time for brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush is:

a) 40 – 60 seconds

b) 1 -2 minutes

c) 3 – 5 minutes

d) 7 minutes


2) Things I should do to prevent cavities:

a) limit the frequency of snacks between meal times

b) limit drinking fruit juice or soft drinks between meal times

c) visit your dentist every 6 months

d) all of the above

3) Getting dental Sealants on your teeth will help:

a) prevent decay in children's teeth

b) prevent decay in adult's teeth

c) is the most under rated dental procedure in cavity prevention

d) all of the above


No matter what your score, just remember to brush, floss and rinse, and never share your toothbrush! Oral bacteria can be passed to others which can potentially spread periodontal disease!