Dental Intelligence Quotient -Dec 2010

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Dental Intelligence Quotient -Dec 2010

Regular dental visits and a scrupulous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet! How's your DIQ – Dental Intelligence Quotient?Take our quiz and find outů

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1) Bad breath can be:

a) caused by plaque and food particles on and between the teeth

b) a warning sign of gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis)

c) caused by bacteria that wasn't brushed away from your tongue

d) all of the above


2) The number 1 cause of tooth loss in adults is:

a) car accidents

b) advanced age

c) gum disease


3) Plaque, the thin film of bacteria that you can feel on your teeth, can begin to form within:

a) 48 hours of brushing

b) 24 hours of brushing

c) seconds of brushing

No matter what your score, just remember to brush, floss and rinse, and never share your toothbrush! Oral bacteria can be passed to others which can potentially spread periodontal disease!