Do I have to replace a missing tooth? (video)

Do I have to replace a missing tooth? (video)

Losing a front tooth could be a nightmare for most people as your whole SMILE, IMAGE and self-esteem are effected!
The logicalthing is to getyour tooth back as soon as yesterday, but what about a back tooth?

Many people do not think that losing a back tooth is a big deal as they cannot really see the gap when smiling.

Our teeth are important to us for a variety of reasons:
* It helps in chewing and eating properly
* It helps in our speach
* It helps to ‘bulk-out’ the tissue, thus preventing us to look old (formation of lines)
* It helps to keep the bone from ‘dipping-in’ and create a ‘fallen-in’ look.
* It preventsdrifting of teeth, movement,and gum problems (see video below)

Financial reasons play a big role in many people’s decisions to rather leave the gap than to close it.
Losing a tooth will create a legio of changes short and long term. Suddenly more eating will now take place on the opposide side and more problems will therefore happen here. A series of changes start to happen that is shown in the video below.

What are our options then? We do not have many, but the following is what you can currently do:

1. Leave the gap and HOPE you will be OK.
2.Removable temporary denture
3. Use a fixed DENTAL BRIDGE
4. Use a DENTAL IMPLANT to close the gap (ideal option)

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