Grinding at night – we can help!

Grinding at night – we can help!

Do you know of any of your family members grinding their teeth at night? Most people who suffer from teeth grinding are unaware of it, but can be causing severe damage to their teeth and health. Teeth grinding gives the powerful joint muscles (Masseter or TMJ) a constant workout. This leads to muscle growth and even more powerful stress are being put on the TMJ joint and teeth.

Teeth grinding may cause:

-facial pains

Head aches & migraines

-Chipping and breaking of teeth

-Uneven wear on front teeth, causing a ‘worn-out' look

-Damage to expensive dental work

-Gum disease

-Painful neuralgia
Teeth grinding or BRUXISM is mainly caused by stress and could be a serious problem!



Consult your dentist to make you a night guard or splint to be worn while sleeping.

This device keeps your teeth apart while sleeping and helps breaking the habit. Wearing a night guard helps protect your teeth and dental work from unnecessary wear and thus protecting your smile!

If you suffer from teeth grinding, please e-mail us at [email protected] and save your smile!