Have a confident, eye catching smile this valentines day

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Have a confident, eye catching smile this valentines day

This month is SUPER SPECIAL and a big reminder to be extra romantic when you say 'I love you' with a big heart and smile. We all know that valentines day should really be every day, but it is just extra super special when you get that special invite, gift  or flowers in February.

Why not give yourself or that special person in your life a radiant white smile this month. Ever thought of whitening your teeth? We all know that hair, nail, and wardrobe fashions come and go, however, banana yellow teeth are a thing of the past!

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We want to make it really easy for you to make up your mind so here are some facts on the most sought after cosmetic dental service:

Q:Is it safe for my tooth enamel?
A: Yes, because it's a reputable well tested brand with a buffered ph. The bleach used at our offices is a Phillips product.

Q:If it's safe, then why do teeth get sensitive when the bleach is applied?
A: Your teeth have a nerve in the centre of each of them. When any foreign substance absorbs into the tooth, the nerve experiences an inflammatory response. This can manifest as sensitivity. However as soon as the foreign substance is no longer applied, the nerve goes back to its usual state and there are no lasting issues of any kind.

Q:How long does it stay white for?
A:It depends alot on how much coffee, tea and staining foods etc you consume. It also depends on how porous the tooth is. The good news is that no matter which option you take, you receive a take home teeth maintenance kit with a custom fitted gum gaurd that you wear with a bit of gel. The gel can be bought as a single top up syringe and applied for a couple of days every 6 months to ensure the pearly whites stay white!

Q: Are all people teeth whitening candidates?
A: Unfortunately teeth whitening only works on real teeth so fillings, crowns and dentures wont whiten. However your dentist or hygienist can advise on other procedures to brighten and revamp old dental work.
Additionally if your teeth are very sensitive(cold or hot liquids) or at present you may not be a good candidate for in chair tooth whitening at the dental office, however you can still achieve amazing results with a home use low dose tooth whitening that works over a period of time!

Q: How Is it done?
A: We have a lovely in chair procedure where you visit the dental office for 1.5 to 2 hours and just relax and have some "me" time while the pampering gets done for you. You can expect some polishing, sitting with your mouth gently stretched open with a device that keeps your cheeks and lips away from the teeth. The gums will be covered with block out while the teeth are covered in a whitening gel and you sit under a special whitening light. You will also be supplied with a home kit that you can use at home to touch up, should you want even whiter teeth than what you can achieve in the dental chair alone.

zoom teeth whitening cape town

Alternatively if sitting in the dental chair is not your style and you prefer DIY options for home use, we have effective kits for that too, where we make you custom fitted teeth whitening trays and you use the whitening agent at home.

There are countless reasons to have a great white smile, but probably the most important one is to make yourself or someone special…happy! It is a very special and extraordinary gift and one that will make a big impact on the person's looks and self confidence.

Valentine’s month is here… so contact our Blouberg office today to schedule a ZOOM WHITENING SESSION for yourself or someone you love! Make this Valentine’s month extra special. We are also giving away this sought after service at the most affordable price ever at only R4499! At this price we also include a dental cleaning! Crazy huh?

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zoom teeth whitening cape townzoom teeth whitening cape townzoom teeth whitening cape town