How do Veneers compare to Thineers? Which would you recommend?

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How do Veneers compare to Thineers? Which would you recommend?

Thineers sound very appealing, but in reality very few teeth can actually look great with Thineers.

Why do I say this?
Thinneers or Laminates are very THIN porcelain sheets that fit over your teeth giving it the new look that you want without reducing almostany natural tooth.

Really? Think about it. This will work great where you want to ‘bulk’ out a tooth that is too far backwards, but when a tooth is too far forwards it is a real problem if no tooth structure is remove. Any veneer can be made into a THINNEER by just making it very THIN.

The problem with too THIN veneers:
One big reason why people want veneers is to create really white teeth. Dark teeth will shine through this very thin veneer and therefore you cannot make the colour really white.The teeth will always look very ‘BULKY’ as they stand out too much.

With normal veneers we almost always have to take some tooth structure away to design the new LOOK to be as ‘even’ as possible without a too ‘BULKY’ LOOK. For some people that have teeth that are too far backwards, THINNEERS will look great! But then again, this is only true for very few people.

Remember: You cannot have great looking teeth AND no reduction most of the time.

Finally: If a tooth requires a thineer, thenweuse a thineer, if notwe don’t. It is all about the LOOK!

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