How much do DENTAL IMPLANTS cost?

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How much do DENTAL IMPLANTS cost?

Implants are truly amazing and without them, dentistry today just wouldn’t be the same. First ask yourself: What is a new, brand new tooth with root and crown worth to you? Let's put this in better context:
To restore a broken down tooth with a healthy root in RSA could cost +- R9000(crown). To restore a broken down tooth with an infected root that requires root treatment and crowning, could cost up to +- R17000.
The lifespan of these teeth depends on future decay and infection. If any of these teeth develop tooth decay again, the crown or root treatment has to be redone.
Sometimes repairing a tooth with root treatment or a crown is simply not possible as there are limitations to how much tooth structure is necessary to allow for a successful crown or root treatment.

Now, lets rather remove the whole tooth and give you a new one that will never decay, almost guaranteed a lifetime. What is this worth to you??
You starting to get the idea. Also, remember that the material is coming from a highly specialized company and most of the components for implants have to be imported. The cost for a simple implant (with the crown), generally speaking, will be +_R20 000 without complications.
If this sounds like a lot of money to you for a new tooth, think about the benefits comparing to leaving a gap without a tooth.
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* Prices are for 2021