How to close the gap between your front teeth?

How to close the gap between your front teeth?

Mind the GAP! Although this sounds like a UK underground slogan, many people today want to do away with their gaps or diastemas between their front teeth.

Gaps are usually best dealt with by getting braces, but in our fast pace world today most people wantinstant results and they want it yesterday!

Although there is nothing wrong with having gaps, gaps usually attract too much unwanted attention to our smiles.If having gaps between your front teeth doesn't fit your face or personality, it could easily change you to a "tight-lipped" person.
Many people feel very self-conscious about these spaces, but do not want to go through the process of having braces.
Closing gaps between teeth often made for a wider, more attractive smile, clearer speech, less "rugged look" and also improve eating and functional problems.
Cosmetic dentistry can offer some quick and easy solutions dependingon the severity of the problem.

2 Easy and simple solutions:

1. Composite Bonding

This magic material is one of the best kept secrets in cosmetic dentistry and can be used to close gaps instantly!
How does it work?
The dentist sculpt the 2 teeth on either side of the gap to widen them, thus closing the gap. If the teeth will look
too big then the 2 teeth next to them will also need to be made wider therefore widening the 4 teeth next to the gap.
The net effect is that the original gap will be spaced out further backwards by making the front 4 0r 6 0r 8 teeth wider.
For a real life example from our Photo Gallery see PIC 00057 and 00059,
by clicking here.

Expect to pay +- R2700 per tooth for this procedure (2014 prices)
How long will this lasts?
As this is a resin material, this treatment is not meant to give long term
results and regular ‘touch-ups’ for asmall fee will be necessary to
maintain your new look.
Expect a good result to last for +- 2-5 years.

2. Porcelain Veneers/ Crowns

Porcelain veneers is the BIG BUZZ the media raves about! This is the product used on extreme makeover and is the long term cosmetic treatment of choice to close gaps in literally 1 visit!
The great thing about Porcelain is that it never stains or discolour. This is good news for smokers or people with a high staining factor. (smoking, tea, coffee, red wine etc)
How does it work?
The principle of spacing out the gap is the same as for Bonding, but instead of resin, porcelain is used.

Foran example from our photo gallery see PIC 0007 by clicking here.

Expect to pay +- R4700 per tooth for this procedure (2014 prices)
How long will this lasts?
Porcelain veneers will lasts usually well over 10 years and receding gums
due to age or tooth decay are some of the reasons for getting new


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Life is too short to live with a less than fabulous smile!