Is flossing really necessary?

Is flossing really necessary?

Since childhood we have been taught to brush our teeth and to floss, but nobody ever told us really why and how to use that ‘sleazy' piece of string?

Almost 40% of the surface of our teeth are in-between them and brushing alone cannot clean these hard to reach areas.

Leaving the plaque between your teeth will eventually cause serious problems. Flossing your teeth is almost like sunscreen for your skin. In the long term it will pay off.

You only need to floss once a day. Initial bleeding during flossing is normal and goes away 3-5 days later.


* Prevent tooth decay between your teeth

* Clean away yellow lines that often show between your lower teeth

* Prevent gum disease (people that develop gum disease never floss)

* Helps for BAD BREATH (removes food debris between your teeth)

Flossing is a skill that needs to be learned and many people do not really know how to floss correctly.
For a video on HOW TO FLOSS, please see the link below: