It is great to be a dad!

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It is great to be a dad!

Nothing could have prepared me for one of life’s most amazing miracles… becoming a dad!
Mia was born on 20 July 2010 at Panorama hospital.

Suddenly I got a new title ‘dad’ andthe 3 of us become a family. The one thing that stood out for me was how fast everyting had happened and before you know they hand you this little bundle and congratulate you on your new title and child.
Well it has been 2 months now and everything is going so well. I think a lot has got to do with how well you are prepared for this(you cannot reallybe prepared)and faith.

We are very blessed that Mia is, I would say an easy baby.

Here are some photos of the 3 of us together:

I just love theone where Mia shows her 4 fingers saying she is 4 weeks old.

Finally I am a dad and now the hard work starts, but hey, I am ready! or at least I think so…

Should I follow in my dad’s footsteps one day and also become a dentist?
entist? No dentist? Dentist? No dentist?…I give up! I’m only 2 months old.