Keep your smile beautiful

Keep your smile beautiful

Ask your dentist at every check up if any of your restorations are showing signs of wear. If they are, do something about it sooner rather than later.

Your restorations are meant to support the surrounding tooth structure. If these fillings wear away and the tooth becomes unsupported the enamel may fracture. Worn restorations may also become discoloured and result in loss of tooth contour. Most restorations will stay in tact long before they fail, but that does not mean all is OK.

Your dentist might be more focused to tell you about tooth decay and more serious problems and prevention often take a back seat. Some problems can be prevented if treated early.


7 Signs you need to replace a restoration

1. It's no longer fitting well or is "leaking".

2. It's discoloured and you find it esthetically unappealing.

3. It has cracks or chips and the remaining tooth structure isn't protected.

4. It is showing signs of wear (This can lead to unsupported enamel and further chipping)

5. You're experiencing sensitivity. (The cement may have washed out or the margins may be faulty)

6. Your dentist tells you the restoration is irritating the surrounding gum tissue due to rough edges or food traps.

7. Micro-cracks are visible in the restoration.


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