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Temporary Practice Closure

Please note, our practice will be closed for routine and non- essential dentistry from 27 March - 16 April, or a later date if advised otherwise. We respect the guidelines given to us by our Government, and will be part of the solution. We respect the health of our patients and our staff, and will limit contact as far as we can.

However, we are still here for you, but are available for emergencies ONLY.

In case of a dental emergency, please contact the office on 021 557 3427

Protocol and steps that will be followed:
1. Contact us on 021 5573427
2. Receptionist or Dr will respond to screen the phone call. With the screening phone call we will require information regarding the specific emergency and also medical history. We will then establish the urgency and type of treatment required to the discretion of the dentist.
3. If the Emergency requires urgent intervention, an appointment will be scheduled at the practice. Very strict infection control and sterilization protocol will be followed.
4. All patients will be required to sign the following consent form before treatment.

5.Patient will be required to stay in their vehicle when arriving at the practice.
6. Patient will be called into the surgery when the rooms are ready. Only the patient will be allowed in the practice.
7. The Dentist will then follow strict sterilization and infection control protocol as set out in the guidelines from Department of Health Western Cape, and the South African Dental Association.
8. There might be an extra fee for the Sterilization and Infection control that medical aids will not refund.