Newsletter April 2024

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Newsletter April 2024

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having an awesome 2024 so far!

We are proud to launch our new mini smile makeovers and bring you up to speed with the latest trends in smile design and makeovers. Dentistry is changing fast from Analog to Digital and we are super excited to take a small part in this changeover.

Almost all planning in dentistry today starts with a photo. Treatment is now facially driven and to plan your new smile, we need a good photo of your face and smile. In the past teeth were restored from a narrow close-up tooth-related viewpoint and we often missed the mark by not looking at the whole face and smile.

From the photo(2D) we design your new smile to fit and match your lips, nose, eyes and face. It is super exciting to see how this process can transform your teeth and smile in seconds. This 2D image is then transferred to a 3D design program where we can 3D print your new smile in minutes. Finally, the information is transferred to your mouth and we can now use resin or porcelain to 'create' your new smile!

Get ready to show off your pearly whites after getting a mini smile makeover at the dentist. Whether you're fixing crooked teeth, worn-down teeth, getting veneers or just whitening your smile, this transformation will have you look and feel younger and more confident.

Wishing you a fantastic month!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Francois Burger


Introducing Smile Makeovers


A Mini Smile Makeover
For most people, their front 4-6 teeth play the biggest role in defining their smile. A mini smile makeover focuses on the shape, length, colour and alignment of these teeth.

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What Is DSD?
When your dentist makes you a new dental crown, dental veneer or dental bridge how does he know what the size, shape and colour must be? When you want 4 or 6 front teeth done in veneers or crowns this question becomes even more important. How about when doing a full makeover? Is there a way you can see what you will look like before you have it done? Click here.

Online Smile Consultations


Introducing our new service! Complimentary DSD Design for the first 10 Patients. Get ready to be wowed.



Real-Life Mini Makeover

Acid erosion and tooth wear.

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