RISK FACTORS – Gum disease

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RISK FACTORS – Gum disease

Gum Disease is the nr. 1 reason for tooth loss in adults

In short gum disease means "inflammation of the gums and underlying bone". Common sense tells us that build-up of stains, plaque residue and bacteria on our teeth makesthem look "dirty" and "stained".The same build-up also takes place below the gum level and this is the big cause for gum disease.

Flossing is the only way to remove bacteria from between your teeth and below the gums. In the same way that sunscreen protects a great looking skin from aging and disease, flossing prevents gum disease and gum problems. People that develop gum disease do not floss their teeth. GOLDEN RULE: Only floss the teeth you want to keep!

People that smoke have a 3-6 times higher risk to develop gum disease and are 2 times more likely to lose their teeth. Smoking increases your risk of gum disease through the following:

  1. Decreases saliva and cause a more dry mouth. Saliva is important to nourish the gums and wash away bacteria and acid.
  2. Decreases the body's immune system that fights against gum disease. It also narrows the blood vessels that carries nutrients to the gums and thus starving the gum tissue from essential supplies.

Oral Hygiene sessions are essential to help remove build-up and bacteria from below the gum level. Residue that sit below gum level constantly irritate the gums and causes bleeding and sensitive gums. Your Oral Hygienist is trained to remove these build-ups for you to help you to prevent gum disease. Once these bacteria and hard tissue build-ups are deeper than 3mm below your gums, the patient cannot remove it through home care and need professional help.

If you think you might be at risk to develop gum disease, make an appointment today to findout your status and keep your teeth a lifetime!