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Take the Quiz

Regular Dental Visits and a scrupulous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet. How's your D.I.Q? (Dental Intelligence Quotient).Take a Quiz and find out…

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1) The following people are good candidates for dental implants:

a) People between the ages of 18-90
b) People that smoke
c) People that grind their teeth
d) All of the above


2) The main reason why we get cavities:

a) Eating too many sweets
b) Not enough brushing and flossing
c) Too much acid formation on our teeth
d) Not enough fluoride
e) Genetically ‘weak' teeth

3) The one thing we can do to prevent bad breath :

a) To eat less sweets
b) To brush for more than 2 minutes
c) To brush our tongue after our usual brushing routine
d) To stop smoking


4)What food is the best to eat to prevent cavities?

a) Cheese

b) Cauliflower

c) Potatoes

d) Red Meat

e) Jelly tots