Teeth Whitening Quiz – what you should know!

Teeth Whitening Quiz – what you should know!

Want some clarity regarding teeth whitening and all the options out there today?Take the quiz and find out what you really know…


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1) Which of the following does NOT cause teeth discoloration

a) Antibiotics taken as a child

b) Cigarette smoking

c) Gum Disease

d) White wine


2) What is the best teeth whitening method?

a) In-office Whitening

b) Tray whitening from your dentist

c) Over the counter bleaching products

d) Laser Whitening


3) What is the active ingredient in most whitening products?

a) Hydrogen Peroxide

b) Bleach

c) Carbon Dioxide

d) Mildly abrasive agents


4) Which of the following is NOT amethod of teeth whitening?

a) Brushing and special tooth pastes

b) Grinding off stains

c) Applying sticky strips

d)Using dental trays, filled with gel


5) Name the most affordable teeth whitening option world wide?

a) Laser Whitening

b) Tray home Whitening

c) Beauty Salon Whitening

d) In-office power Whitening


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