Test your Dental IQ

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Test your Dental IQ

Regular dental visits and a scrupulous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet! How's your Dental Intelligence Quotient

Take our quiz and find outů


1) With the latest CEREC Technologyyour Dentist can now manufactureDental Crowns and whitefillings in:

A) 1 visit

B) 3 days

C) 1 week

D) 1-2 weeks


2) The Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

A) Uses sound waves toremove Dental plaque

B) Once used, you will neveruse another toothbrushagain

C) Is the World's nr 1 Sonictoothbrush

D) Offers a 28 day money backguarantee

E) All of the above


3) The safest, easiest & most overlookedway to help people thatsuffer from snoring is:

A) Doing surgery to their gums

B) Using laser surgery on theirsoft palette

C) Visit your dentist for a "STOPSNORING APPLIANCE"

D) Sleep in an upright position