Test Your Dental IQ – April 2011

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Test Your Dental IQ – April 2011

Regular dental visits and a scrupulous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet! How's your DIQ – Dental Intelligence Quotient?Take our quiz and find outů

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1) With Cosmetic Dentistry many techniques exists and getting a beautiful,straight and even smile can sometimesbe done in:

A) 3 visits

B) 2 years

C) 1 visit

D) 1 week


2) Certain Plaque bacteria in the mouthcan get access to the bloodstreamwhen visiting your dentist or hygienistand antibiotics should be prescribedprior to dental visits for SOME patientswho had:

A) Rumatic fever as a child

B) Heart murmurs

C) Hip or knee replacements

D) Heart prosthesis

E) All of the above



3) Gum Disease is associated withbleeding gums, receding gums andpainless symptoms. It is also linked tomany other health conditions like:

A) Diabetes

B) Stroke

C) Coronary Artery Disease

D) Chronic Respiratory Disease

E) All of the above


* Please visit Dental Infoon the websiteand learn more on this topic.No matter what your score, just rememberto brush, floss and rinse, andnever share your toothbrush.