Test your Dental IQ – August

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Test your Dental IQ – August

Regular dental visits and a scrupu- lous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet! How's your DIQ – Dental Intelligence Quotient?Take our quiz and find out.

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1) With CEREC Computerized Fillingsand crowns there are :

A) No gaggy impressions

B) Only one visit needed

C) No laboratory involve

D) All of the above


2) Teeth whitening is the nr. 1 requesteddental service by patientsand:

A) Is only for young people'steeth

B) Is costing well over R2000

C) Only last a few months

D) Tray whitening is the mostpopular option


3) Teeth grinding affects manypeople world wide and is responsiblefor:

A) Chipping and breaking ofdental crowns and veneers

B) An old worn-down look

C) Cracks in enamel of teeth

D) All of the above