Test your Dental IQ

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Test your Dental IQ

Regular Dental Visits and a scrupulous home hygiene program can keep your breath fresh and your smile sweet. How's your D.I.Q? (Dental Intelligence Quotient). Take a Quiz and find out…

Hover over pictures to view the answers.

1) Bad breath can be caused by build-up of plaque bacteria

a)Between teeth

b)On your tongue

c)Underneath leaking dental fillings

d)All of the above


2) Teeth Whitening not only whitens your teeth, but also helps for

a)Tooth Ache

b)Bad Breath


d)Healthy gums and slowing down tooth decay

e)All of the above



3) The biggest ONE thing we can do to save money on dental care is to

a)Wait until the last minute before seeking dental care

b)Visit the dentist regularly every 6 months

c) Use dental floss

d)Get good medical insurance

e)Brush once daily with an electric toothbrush


No matter what your score, just remember to brush, floss and rinse, and never share your toothbrush.