The Radar of Dentistry – Why x-rays are so important

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The Radar of Dentistry – Why x-rays are so important

How often do we find ourselves saying: "If I only knew then what I know now…" Well, when it comes to the state of your Oral Health you can know now and never have to look back with frustration. The hero in this case is the X-RAYor Radiograph – one of the most effective tools for safeguarding your dental health by assisting us in detecting minor changes and conditions in your teeth and jaws EARLY BEFOREthey become major problems.

Think of x-rays as the radar pilots use to navigate their way when flying aeroplanes. Is it possible to fly without radar?Well, probably yes, but I don't want to be flying with. Dentists can examine teeth without x-rays, but then we should rather call it "looking at teeth" and not examining teeth and that you can do as well.

X-rays can show us: bone loss due to Gum Disease (Periodontitis), important teeth trapped below the gums, infections and abscesses at the root tips of the teeth, indication of missing or extra permanent teeth, cysts or tumours in the jaws or sinuses and literally everything that goes on below the surface and what a good dentist ought to know of his patient.

Early detection and treatment can save you time, money and future discomfort for example: Root Canal Treatment that happens in the root of a tooth is 100% dependable upon x-rays for the dentist to "see what is going on".

Are X-rays save?Yes, Dental X-rays emit a low level of radiation similar to the type of background radiation we get from the sun, the earth's crust, various types of food we eat and the air we breathe. The average person gets more radiation by sitting in front of the television than from routine dental radiographs.

Having said that, we are still committed to ensure that we only take x-rays if it is really necessary. At Blouberg Dental Practice weare also providing DIGITAL X-RAYS that emits only 10% of conventional radiation!

Be assured, that when properly used, dental x-rays are one of your best allies to ensure and maintain optimal dental health. So, next time your dentist decide not to take x-rays, make sure he knows what he is doing or he might just be "flying in the dark without radar"!