The Secret to 100% cavity prevention

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The Secret to 100% cavity prevention

We live in a world where Knowledge is Power! This statement is as old as we can remember and yet so very powerful. "The Power" in this case is CAVITY-FREE TEETH! Really? Absolutely! Lets have a closer look:

About 90% of decay starts in the fissures (grooves on the tooth surface). These fissures are often deep and narrow and normal brushing cannot clean them. Plaque lies happily in these grooves and causes tooth decay. Sealants close up these grooves and prevent plaque from entering the enamel.

Having cavity-free teeth will:

  • Save you tons of money by avoiding unnecessary fillings and more costly, complicated dental work
  • Save you unnecessary trips to the dentist
  • Prevent you from getting tooth ache
  • Keep you looking younger for much longer. Recurrent cavities could eventually lead to tooth loss that creates a "fallen-in" look
  • Evoke a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life

As you can see, cavity free teeth are an asset that not many people possess. The knowledge that will buy these cavity-free teeth is DENTAL SEALANTS! Dental Sealants are one of the most under rated procedures, because so very few dentists and dental marketing focus on PREVENTION. Although Sealants are so powerful in preventing tooth decay, 90 % of the population is unawareof its existence!

How do I know if I will benefit from sealants?


  • If you have any unfilled healthy back teeth with deep grooves or dark lines on the biting surface – get them sealed.
  • Have your children's teeth sealed after they come in.

Don't get caught off guard. You will be amazed how such a simple procedure makes such a big impact!

Facts about sealants

  • 100% PreventsDental Cavities
  • Anyone can have sealants, not just children
  • Very effective and affordable method to prevent cavities
  • Most Medical AidSchemes give this benefit to children under 12 years old
  • No injectionsneeded
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Inexpensive
  • Sealed teeth are easier to clean

To sign up for cavity-free teeth, call THE ORAL HYGIENIST today on 021-557-3427 and see if dental sealants is an option for you.