TOP SECRET: The real cost of a single cavity!

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TOP SECRET: The real cost of a single cavity!

A cavity is usually treated by drilling out the decayed material and filling it with somesort of restorativematerial. However, fillings do not last forever.

Although some fillings might last 15 – 20 years (porcelain),the average entry level white resinfilling will last+- 8 – 10 years ifthe tooth stays healthy.

Let's take an example…
If you got a filling at the age of 15 years and live to be 80 years, the fillingwill have to be replaced six times! (at ages 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 & 75)

Currently, a composite white filling cost about R500 or more.

R500 x 7 (the 7 fillings over your life time)
= R3500 (per tooth, over a life time, excluding inflation)

In addition, each time a filling is replaced, more of the real tooth might have to be removed to correct cracks.
This may eventually result in the need for a crown to be placed on the tooth.

Currently, a crown cost about R3500– R4500 on average.

Crowns don't last forever either!

On average, a crown lasts 10 – 15 years.

Let’s assume an average cavity could end up in6 fillings and 1 crown (life time of one tooth)

R4000 (6 x fillings)
+ R4000 (1 x crown)
= R8000(per tooth, excluding inflation)

This is how much 1 TOOTH could end up costing you,ifyou are a "GOOD PATIENT" that never gets another cavity after the first filling!

It gets worse…

MANY patients ARE NOT "good patients" and ONLYgo to the dentist when they have tooth ache!
This means, by that time, a deep filling is needed,that often results in ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (RCT).

The COST of RCT on average is between R1500 – R4500Root treated teeth often have to be CROWNED to protect the teeth,but as mentioned before, if you are like SOME patients,you will leave this root treated tooth until it BREAKS or DEVELOP anINFECTION,before you seek treatment!

Therefore, many root treated teeth SOMETIMES end up in REMOVAL,due to BREAKAGE or ABSCESS development!

Modern dentistry makes it easy to replace missing teethby ways of IMPLANTS or BRIDGES.

Today, 1 implant cost +-R15000 and a 3-unit bridge about R10000.

In effect 1 single cavity at age 15 could end up costing you R26 000 (8000 + 3000 + 15000)by the time you reach 75! (All figures are excluding inflation)

All these figures sound like a LOT OF MONEY, but remember we are still talking about 1 TOOTH!

We have 28 and 4 wisdom teeth…!

So what is the answer? Most of us have learned ourselves how to brush, floss and maintain good oral hygiene. The fact is that most of us are doing it wrong otherwise why would we still get cavities?

Cleaning your car inside and outside requires time and the necessary tools to help you.
Our teeth and smiles are very similair, buthave many more crevices, grooves and most of the areas we clean blindly without any direct vision.
Learning the proper skills to brush & floss is essential to great oral hygiene and the real answer to avoid spending a fortune on dental bills. So is using the correct tools and devices to aid in doing it faster and more efficient.
Most of us need the help of a personal trainer or ORAL HYGIENIST to help and show us how to do this and to stay on track. Visit your oral hygienist today to help you get back on track and save more than just your teeth!

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