What makes composite Bonding so great?

What makes composite Bonding so great?

Composite bonding is a great way to restore front teeth that need the following:

* chipped or worn down teeth
* Closing gaps between teeth
* teeth that are discoloured and need a whiter look
* Teeth that are misaligned, skew, too long, too short
or uneven
* to restore an aged look due to excessive teeth grinding

Bonding is great as very little tooth structure needs to be polished away.
Many people use bonding as a good starting point to restore their front teeth that otherwise would have needed porcelain veneers. After 2- 5 years the Bonding needs some touch-ups or redoing, but many people have Bonding on their front teeth that is easily 10 years old! It all depends on factors such as teeth grinding, diet, and personal care.

How long does it take to do?
In most cases it only takes 1 visit to complete the procedure. This is the reason why many people experience Bonding as the miracle material as it can create very emotional make-overs!

Bonding is also reversable in many cases, but would be a nightmare for the dentist to remove as the interface is not so easily detected.

For more examples of Bonding see our photo gallery: